Seeing an animal get surprised and seeing it react is one of my favorite things ever. Especially depending on how amazing the reaction is. There is just something insane about seeing an animal jump as the result of a loud noise, or seeing an animal notice something and get scared. I think it only further reiterates my belief that animals are the best thing ever, and that my high school psychology teacher was an asshole when he said they don’t “feel” things that humans feel. This proves animals are just as spazzy and insane as us humans. And that only makes me love them more.

Dead Panda Sneezes Back To Life

Ofcourse I have to start with the video that inspired this entire list. By now, we have all seen it a million times. But somehow, it never gets old and it never stops being cute.

Her and I eat in a similar fashion. And also seem to share the same amount of obliviousness. 

A good number of people have speculated that the baby panda is not actually moving before the sneeze. It may have been stillborn, showing why panda Mom had such a GENUINE reaction of surprise (you can practically here her say WHHHAAAAt The Fu..???!!!) but that was the one animal video that started me on my long road of slowly obsessing over animals who have human-like reactions to things, which leads us to…

Hamster Realizes We Are Watching It 

This one took a little but of actual research, but it is indeed a real video and not doctored in any way. Also, despite what you have read, time and time again, it is a hamster and not a mouse. Mice look nothing like that. Anyway, how cute is THIS reaction?

It almost looks like he realized he left the oven on in his cage.

Truth be told, I see moments like this and think to myself: This has to be the moment the creature became aware it was just a pet to us. That is not a hamster looking shocked at a camera; it is a hamster in the throes of a revelation. The idea that his whole existence is a side note to us filled him with shock and despair. Poor little guy.

This Cat Gets Scared And Runs Off Like Some Kind Of Demon

OK, cats are truly strange beasts, capable of many things. Sometimes, they don’t care. Sometimes, they care too much. But in some cases, cats display this ONE weird behavior, and it NEVER fails to freak me right the f*ck out.

The cat finds something unsettling, so it haunches its back and walks off on two legs like a drunk human. I find THAT unsettling.

Anyone who has cats (which I have had at numerous points to my life) can tell you, on rare occasions, this happens. It is like their wires cross, and they want to flee, but they also want to stay there and hiss to stand their ground. The end result is that they don’t quite know how to process that many feelings shooting to their brains at once, so it registers as “sort of do all of them at once”. And as you can see, it is quite surreal to see.

This Dogs Freakishly Human Reaction To Being Filmed

This video may seem slow, but right around the eleven second mark, look for a priceless reaction this dog has to learn he’s being filmed.

This is the first “Dude WTF?” face I have ever seen a dog give.

I paused the exact moment the dog reacts, and over and over again I think the same thing: That is the most human-like reaction I have ever seen in an animal. It is like the moment a robot becomes self aware. Strange and awesome to witness, but I am pretty sure this dog knows a lot more than it is letting on.

Ofcourse, This One

I don’t think it fits, and am kinda sick of it. but someone, somewhere, will comment and say I left it off the list, so here you go. The one, the only:

Believe it or not, it is even WEIRDER to see without the theme music.

I wouldn’t so much say this groundhog is surprised, in so much as he “knows what you did last summer”.

Saved The Best For (Second To) Last

So what happens when one kitty sees something insane happen to another kitty? Do you ever wonder if they really do react like humans? Well, watch this video and find out.

My reaction to the cat’s reaction is quite similar to the cat’s reaction, actually. Try and say that five times fast.

Too Cute To Not Include

I know this kitten is only pretending to be surprised, but it is still one of the cutest things I have ever seen in my life…

Even Pixar can’t make things this cute.

Seriously, how cute was that?

Can you unintentionally cuddle something to death? Because if you could, and I met this kitten, that would be a genuine issue we would need to avoid.