Drugs are bad for you, OK? Can we get that out of the way immediately? Often, even the most minor drug usage will lead to you killing people and doing jail time. And the jail time often hints that you may be raped. So ultimately, if you do drugs, you will get raped. I came to that conclusion through what scientists often call deductive reasoning. So don’t do drugs. Instead, let movies do drugs FOR you. These eight sequences just happen to portray drug use in a very realistic, and oft terrifying way. Remember kids, drug use doesn’t always end with bright orange Cheetos fingers and a good night’s sleep. Some drugs end in ass to ass dildo play.

Enter the Void: D.M.T Scene

Crazy to think, but as far as visuals go, this is incredibly accurate.

Not enough people saw Enter the Void, probably because it is a Gaspar Noe film. And Gaspar Noe made Irreversible. Which is a soul ruining movie. And while Enter the Void is almost as bleak a journey as some of his other outings, but was a particularly noteworthy film for its honest portrayal of a D.M.T trip.

I have spoken of this movie before, and this scene in particular.

For those who do not know anything about D.M.T, there are vaults and vaults of info on this particularly surreal drug (that you all already have inside of you) right here. Rarely spoken of, let alone tried to recreate on film, leave it up to someone who genuinely doesn’t care what people think, like Gasper Noe, to get it just right.

Looking at Alex Grey art is almost like taking drugs. Almost.

Easy Rider: Tripping in the Cemetary

Just because you are going to trip, doesn’t mean it’s going to be a good trip.

Just because Peter Fonda denied that the LSD they took in these scenes is real, I don’t necessarily believe him. He has openly admitted the marijuana smoked in the film was real, so what is supposed to lead us to believe they would not do the same for the now-famous “cemetery trip” scene?

L.S.D is easily the coolest “looking” drug of all time. Art you can eat to find yourself. How deeply metaphoric. 

There are just certain drugs that no matter how good of an actor you are, you cannot convey being on. And in this scene, there is something so genuine about what they seem to be experiencing. And for any of us who had either experienced a bad trip or experienced someone experiencing a bad trip, that scene is about as real as it gets.

Thirteen: Huffing and Hitting

The sad part is, you guys think this scene is exaggerated.

I would love to tell you this scene is just a little too over the top for this list, but what do you know about huffing? I will guess nothing, because most people don’t. But this “hitting each other” is something that would, and oddly does, happen. I can honestly tell you, people who inhale poisons to get high are stupid as f*ck, but I think this scene does a remarkable job of showing that. That stupidity and that recklessness.

The whole Thirteen movie was a very uncomfortable film for me to watch, overall.

Yes, this opening shot to Thirteen did a great job at showing just how stupid and depraved drugs can potentially make you. And to the same degree, to show you that false sense of power you get from drugs as well. And don’t let the gender, or setting of this movie fool you. It is the boredom, as well as the exposure to more money, that makes the suburbs the most dangerous  boiling pot for drugs in all the world.

Some people don’t want to believe that, or this film for that matter, and that’s ok. We call that denial where I’m from.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: The LSD Kicks In

There is nothing about this film that is not perfect for what is was trying to do.

Man, there is nothing worse then when the drugs kick in at a bad time. Not that I would know anything about that. I am just speculating as a journalist. But hypothetically speaking, that must REALLY suck. Because, again, to reiterate, I know NOTHING about what that would be like in real life.

I have never eaten LSD and then been forced into a screwed up situation against my will, where everyone looked reptilian, and everything was a foreign concept to me. Nope.

Not me.

These grow in my bathroom every Autumn. 

Thank God it happened to Hunter, and Johnny Depp conveyed that madness so well, because now, being someone who reads and watches films, I can experience what that must be like.

Because, it has never happened to me.

This week.

Requiem for a Dream: Ellen Burstyn on Pills

I don’t know if there has ever been a better portrayal of addiction and paranoia on film.

This whole entire movie is like a bad trip. Like a spiral that goes further and further down the drain, and you can do nothing about it.

Though many scenes stand out, I find Ellen Burstyn‘s performance in this film to be without peer or equal. Her sweaty, paranoid pacing, driven by diet pills (basically, dirty speed) exudes such an uneasy feeling that when you watch her, you feel like you are on the drugs with her. It is sickening, and powerful.

And unflinchingly honest.

Jared Leto had no idea this would be his most Rock N Roll moment ever. He has slowly gotten douchier since.

This movie is full of intense, powerful performances, but it was Burstyn who stole the show, while showing us a woman slowly losing her mind. And also showing the world the true damage that drugs can do to anyone, regardless of age of history.

Smiley Face: Anna Faris Stoned Audition 

Chubby, stoned Anna Farris is easily my favorite Anna Farris.

I will admit it, this movie is a guilty pleasure of mine. It just comes down to a simple story about a girl who eats too many of her roomates pot brownies and gets high as f*ck, and then attempts to go about her regular day, all while trying to sell some weed to replace her roomate’s stash that she ate. It sounds deceptively simple, and it is. But in its simplicity, lie its charms.

Plus, Faris smokes herb in real life, so I am pretty sure she wasn’t “acting” high in this movie.

And it has a shit-ton of awesome cameos (John Krasinski from The Office kills it) and is a fun stoner movie that harkens back to simpler days of cinema. Plus, Farris is incredibly charming as the naive and perma-stoned Jane.

Yeah, at times it is a little silly and simplified, but a nice alternative to Pineapple Express, which seems to be the go to weed comedy of the last decade.

Spun: The Coked Out Car Ride

Daft Punk is not normally in this scene, but it was the only clip I could find for the scene.

Spun is not a pretty movie. Spun is not an easy to swallow movie. Spun is exactly what all these characters are, and it is exactly how you will feel watching the film. There is something especially genuine about Brittany Murphy’s performance in the film. She is always sweating, always going, and you can feel her heart beating out of her chest when you watch her on screen.

This picture smells like cocaine and regret.

Perhaps because this is a slight reflection of what she may have been like during her all-too-short life.

Though the movie is chock full of WTF moments, it is the coked out car ride between her and Jason Schwartzman, where they are both talking over each other and telling tales they WISH were true reflections of their messy lives, that really sticks with you.

They do bumps of coke, and the camera cuts, and it switches styles, and the whole time, you are gripping your couch like you are in the backseat, driving along on this insane voyage with them, unwittingly.

Trainspotting: Sinking in the Carpet O.D Scene

The camera angle from when he is on the ground and he is sinking into the carpet is one of my favorite shots from any film. Ever.

At the end of the day, drugs are not glamorous and drugs are not cool. On top of that, they can kill you. If you mistake Trainspotting as a love letter to heroine, you have not really watched the film. It is a representation of the hellish lifestyle that goes along with choosing to do drugs. Which is a running theme on this list, as you can see.

I almost went with the toilet scene, and then I did consider the dead baby crawling on the ceiling scene, but I think this scene does it best. He thinks he is going back to the bliss of a drug fueled paradise, and he ends up at death’s door.

Yeah, this scene was pretty f*cked up, too.

And if overdoses and sex with minors and dead babies crawling on the ceiling wasn’t enough to turn you off on drugs, you are a lost cause.

And remember kids:

Drugs are bad, Mmm’kay?