A Plea To My Beautiful Readers,

You guys read all the kooky shit I write and assume that is all I do, and I can’t say I blame you, as I wear this insane persona on my sleeve. Truth be told, though, once you peel the layers, there are some things under the surface that may surprise you. Even as I sit here right now, with 1.3 million readers taking to this site, I am still not above writing an article that may be a little more “Buzzfeed” than “Better Than Bacon”, but that is because it is called “working”. Work, which we often do to pay the bills, is not called “fun”. It is called work for a reason. But, if you do something you love, than you will love what you do, and it won’t feel like work.  Truth is, I have articles on a variety of sites that would surprise you. Hell, I once got paid to write a press release about the color green. Here it is, stolen by some shittier writer, word for word. Go give them hell in the comments. And no, that is not a joke. The point is if I am not above taking those jobs to pay my bills, no one should be above paying their dues. That is just a part of life. But if you love what do you, no matter the context, you will be happy. In an ironic twist, I love what I do, but am hungry. Perhaps you lovely souls can help me address that.

Please do not mistake an of this as masturbatory, because I do know how lucky I am. I can show up to work without pants on, and I can work with a packed bowl next to me at all times. While that may seem simple and trite, the reality for anyone who lives in New England in winter knows, that is a fucking blessing. And it is a blessing I am aware of every day. To not have to get up at six in the morning and shovel yourself out of two feet of snow so you can pay get to work in an attempt to be able to pay your bills is a feeling unlike any I have ever had. And I am grateful and thankful for that every single day. Yet, in the same breath, I worked (and still work) my dick off for that. A great deal of the writing I did for the first six months I wrote was unpaid. Truth is, I am still taking unpaying jobs, if I respect the person enough. Steve, I am looking at you. Point is, we are never done paying our dues, and the moment we feel the world owes us, is the moment the world will remind us just how lucky we are. Sometimes, that can be humbling. This brings me to my next point.

The goal, with this site, is to work for myself. I have a badass webmaster who helps me out a great deal with the visuals on the site, but neither of us are exactly getting rich here, as we knew when we signed up. Regardless, we would both like to be able to focus our attention on, and make it the hulking beast it deserves to be. We can reach this goal if you guys would just toss a few dollars our way, which is why we set up a donate button the main page. The reality is we were both embattled by how to monetize the site. I refuse to do any paid service or membership fee because that is silly and a good way to alienate people who are poor (like me). I also am not fond of sites with a great deal of pop ups and shitty ads all over the place, so we try to avoid that. Which reminds me, do you want to buy ad space? Hit me up directly. We had five thousand hits a day, every day this month. For the money I am charging for ad space, you are not likely to find more traffic and sets of eyes on whatever endeavor you are undertaking, so you might want to consider it, but I digress. The reason we finally decided to settle on the donation button is because donating two dollars will not affect your quality of life, yet that two dollars, if enough of you are kind enough to do, could really change the quality of mine.

As much as I love bringing all of my Remlins joy, I don’t revel in the act of eating my dinner out of a can, so maybe, just maybe, you can toss me a lifeline. But either way, I love what I do, and I will never stop doing it. Sorry this turned into a commercial at the end, but even Remy’s gotta eat. I didn’t get this gorgeous physique from not eating, you know?.  And when a guy who runs a website that is subtitled Better Than Bacon, can’t actually afford bacon, something is wrong with the world.

Help me fix that!

Thanks. Love you.


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