Every time a stupid person tries to do something outside of their means, and they get hurt, an angel gets it wings. Don’t get me wrong, if someone who is completely innocent gets hurt randomly, there is no pleasure to be had in that. But when it is a person who is trying to parkour, or some skateboarder who is trying to do some move they have no right trying, I think of it as instant karma. In other words, if you try to kiss a snake, and it bites you, good. That’s what you deserve for trying to kiss a snake. Here, I have compiled hours of video of people getting hurt under similar circumstances. Why? Because now, when you feel dumb after you failed, or did something stupid you’re ashamed of, you can come here, look at this video, and realize there are people who are WAY stupider, who should feel WAY more ashamed about themselves than you.

So I don’t who Twisted Nederland is, but their Youtube page is right here, and they make the end of every month awesome. How? By posting a compilation clip of all the fails from the following month. All the videos of stupid people getting hurt after trying to do something they had no right trying. Whoever you are, Twisted Nederland, thank you. Just thank you. You make my quality of life that much better, and it doesn’t go unnoticed.

As a matter of fact, more people need to know what you do and how amazing it is.

Here, now, for your viewing pleasure, a year worth of fails.

And here, to offset all that pain and injury, a sweet compilation of wins.

Now if all that doesn’t make you feel better about yourself after a bad day, nothing will.

If I could go that I would never leave the house.