My name is Remy, and I live a quietly domesticated life in a small nook, just outside of Boston.

I am a unicorn wrangler just living the dream. I got the job based solely on my looks, so that should give you an idea of the low standards required of unicorn wranglers.

When not wrangling imaginary beasts, I write for Unreality, as well as a slew of other sites, including this one.

Truth is, the site is like a cruel mistress who I am madly in love with.

I know I should be doing something more productive and more meaningful, but I love the punishment.

I think of this place as a sort of literary, pop-culture infused version of Chuck E. Cheese for adults. Or atleast people who pretend to be adults.

If you guys keep reading  it, I will keep writing it. Like I said, a cruel mistress.

And I would have it no other way.