About half a decade or so ago I first saw a picture of Audrey Hepburn and a baby deer at a party, drinking champagne with Anthony Perkins (Norma Bates from Psycho). The picture immediately enthralled me, and I needed to know more about this. I began finding more and more pics of her with this fawn, and I knew it wasn’t a coincidence. After a little bit of research wouldn’t you know, I found out Audrey Hepburn had a pet fawn. Because why wouldn’t she? If there is any woman on Earth ever worthy of owning a pet fawn, it was the stunning and graceful Hepburn. And here we all thought she couldn’t be any more endearing.

So the story is a relatively simple one. Audrey was going to be working with some fawn for the film Green Mansions, which was directed by her husband at the time, Mel Ferrer. He recommended she take one of the fawn home so it would be more accustomed to Audrey before filming began. Some say as a result of Audrey’s truly calming demeanor, the baby deer took to her instantaniously, and the fawn and Audrey were inseperable from that moment forth. She named it Pippin, and it would even go grocery shopping with her.

How can you not be in love with this woman?

It just makes a woman who was known for her grace and gentle nature seem even more amazing. And the odd part, why doesn’t everyone know this? She is such an iconic figure in Hollywood, so it just feels off that not everyone on Earth would know she had a pet fawn named Pippin, who she would call Ip. And the two were beyond adorable. Most of these photos were taken by Bob Willoughby. A photographer for many of Audrey’s films, who eventually became such good friends with her he was allowed to follow her home on occasions and get these candid shots of Hepburn with Pippin.

If Disney made a movie about this, I would think it was fake and exaggerated. Yet, it actually happened.

And it seemed the more I looked, the more and more amazing pictures I found.

She even makes smoking look classy.

The deer is smelling her here, and rubbing it in our faces.

This is how my dreams look.

OK, pretty sure that’s a donkey, but still, it practically counts.

Even as I am writing this, and I know it is real and exists, I am looking for signs of Photoshop.

Alright, this photo looks a little too passionate for my liking. Moving on….

A lazy Sunday nap with a deer in my palatial mansion? Life could be worse.

look at the tiny, furry demon they are both fleeing from.

Eventually, she would get her wish and Pippin the fawn would turn into a real boy, just like Pinocchio. Wait, I just made that up.

Like a magical pixie who lives in the wood and grants wishes.

And finally, the picture I spoke of earlier. The picture I saw that inspired me to look into this and find out the very adorable story of Audrey Hepburn and her pet fawn, Pippin.

She was classy and beautiful, but not above getting her fawn drunk with Norman Bates. That is how I know we would have gotten along, Audrey and I.

Honestly, in finding this out, it only made me adore her even more. Honestly, what happened to the Hollywood starlet? Once treasure, now trash.

Throw this one back. I think it’s contaminated.