Ok, this one is easier than you think.
Buy chocolate cupcake mix and make according to directions on box.
Cook 6 slices of bacon until crispy while you are making cupcake mix.
Remove bacon from oven.
Drain grease.
Chop bacon into pieces.
Little, delicious, bacon pieces.

If bacon had a face, I would kiss it.


Take half the chopped bacon and put it into the unbaked chocolate cupcake mix.

Now bake bacon chocolate cupcakes as indicated on box.

While cupcakes bake, take a cup of whipped cream and mix it with two tablespoons of maple syrup.

Beat it until it is a sexy, autumnal color.

Take cupcakes out of oven (when done, as indicated by the simple toothpick method).

Note how house smells like chocolate AND bacon.

That is why I call it sexy dessert.


Take the maple frosting you just made and place a dollop on top of each cupcake, then sprinkle each cupcake with a dash of the remaining bacon pieces.

For a final step, if you so desire, drizzle a tiny bit of maple syrup on cupcakes.

Then eat those suckers, real slow and sensual like.