Spoiler Alert?
Bane WILL break Batman’s back in the new movie.
It is clear to see that all had led up to this.
Anyone who has read the comics KNOWS that is the direction this story has been heading.
And while Bane may have been a generic baddie in the comics, expect more from his in the films.
There is a palpable 99% versus the 1% feel to the trailer, and it seems it comes down to a class war in the film.
Now understand, I have no script leaks or any such nonsense, this is all specualtion.
But you know what has me convinced?

That is Joseph Gordon Levitt in the new film.
He is obviously a new character, and obviously a good guy, seeing as to how he is a cop and all,
and obviously friends with Bruce Wayne.
Now understand, Christopher Nolan has said, plainly, there will be NO ROBIN in his series, so who is left for JGL to play?
Well, my friends, deductive reasoning would dictate that we will most likely be passed the cowl by Bruce Wayne after Wayne’s back gets broken by Bane.
Which would also be a cool note for Christopher Nolan to end his trilogy on and to pass the directorial reigns to,
With JGL all set the lead the charge in the new series.
Again, could all be speculation, but time will tell.
In the meantime, I am stoked for this film.