So have I done it yet? Have I proven my horror chops? I mean, I write about horror here, and here, and here, and now I write about horror on one of the biggest horror sites on the web, BloodyDisgusting.¬†Technically, from the standpoint of authorship, I have well over 400 articles written on the various genres and sub genres of horror films, which makes me a “specialist” in the field of horror films. I did all this for a reason. As much as I love to watch and I love to talk about them, the real dream is to be behind-the-scenes. Over the years I have written quite a few short stories and short film treatments that I sadly have never gotten the time to get around to making. But now that I have bled from my fingertips showing my adoration for all things horror, is it too forward of me to ask for some help? Are you a horror director or have access to production and editing equipment? Well guess what? I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


So here is the deal. In watching and obsessing over horror over the years, I have learned. I have gotten myself in tune with what works and what doesn’t. In knowing that, I began writing articles about horror. What I learned in the last few years of doing that professionally is, my tastes do not change very much from the tastes of your average horror fan. In other words, when I say I tuned myself into what works and what doesn’t, I went on to prove that by testing these theories in articles. More than anything, I get letters on a regular basis from people thanking me for certain horror recommendations. In two plus years of doing predominantly horror based journalism, I have not had ONE PERSON tell me a led them to a bad horror film. Don’t get me wrong. There are always going to be a few trolls who hate what you do and want to talk shit, but regarding horror, I know that I know what I am talking about. This shit has been in my life for thirty plus years. The wall in my office is covered with masks, both made and store-bought. My point for the prior masturbatory paragraph was to let you all know, it’s time. Time I take one of these visions and commit them to film. That is why I am calling you out. That is why I am asking for the help of film makers and young directors. This is the stage I am stuck on.


I have the visions. Clear as day. I see how it should be all played out, but I need help doing that. This is where you all come in. SO who is you all? Well, first off, do you live in the Northeast? I am a lowly writer on the ground level still, so as much as I would like to, I wont be flying anyone out from L.A to do these shoots. Granted, if someone from L.A wants to fly out here or fly me out there and meet with me, that is fucking fine by me. I am literally pouring ideas out of every orifice. Don’t worry. It is not nearly as messy as it sounds.

Also, there is no money to be made. Yet.

I can’t bring you in and pay you for helping me make an awesome short film that people may or may not enjoy. What I can promise you is a partnership. That means, whatever happens to me as the writer, you come along. If the rights to something get sold, that is as much money in your pocket as mine. I can tell you, I am just getting started, so this deal would be pretty genius to jump on. I already have an established name online, various contacts in the industry, and have proven I love the genre. Getting in bed with me about horror on the ground floor would be an investment bound to pay off for you at some point. We just need patience getting there.


Patience, material, and equipment. I have the patience, and I have the material. You, whoever you are, have the equipment. So how about you pop over here and hit me up directly.¬†I am not a brand (yet) or a website run by dozens of people. I am one guy. That is why my website is my name. Because I didn’t want ANYONE mistaking who does all this shit. I do. Granted. I have an awesome webmaster, but he is 100% passive about what goes up. He just keeps the site sexy and purring like a kitten. But that is it. I am my manager. I am my agent. You will not go through miles of red tape if you deal with me. It will be me. And my ideas. And no other bullshit.

Truthfully, if someone was really smart, they would snatch me up right now. Some movie producer or movie company. Move me out to L.A, give me a fucking nice yearly wage, an office, and simply tell me:

give us some fucking ideas.

Because you know what? I am full of them, and I am pretty sure 80% of them are golden. Can’t be in the zone all the time, right? For now, though. I just need a director. Some equipment, and someone with as much drive and as much passion for horror and film as I do.


I know you are out there. So what are you waiting for? Get at me! Let’s bring some twisted visions to life and give a new generation of people like us nightmares. After all, that is what fueled and inspired us, isn’t it?