So the rumor around Hollywood is that James Cameron can be kind of a tough guy to work for. He is known for multiple takes and pushing his cast and crew about as far as they can go, both physically and mentally. The end result is usually a movie that goes down in history and makes trillions. Thing is, some don’t care about the end result. Some can’t see past the suffering when they are in it. They say his aim for perfection can drive some of his cast and crew members crazy. So crazy, in fact, the one did something one night during a cast dinner that pretty much goes down in history as one of the most insane on-set stories ever. It also reinforced one of my beliefs that Fight Club taught me. Never eat the chowder unless you know who made it.


” Hey, hey. Did yours kick in yet? Mine did. Shit. Like, I really think we are flying….”

As many people already know, James Cameron is a bit of a stickler. Dude does not like to half-ass things, and does not like to pass things off that he does not deem as perfect. This can result in him being rather strict and specific around his sets. This also means he has no problem pulling 18 hour days and telling his crew that they can piss themselves if they need to use the bathroom. As you can imagine, for some people working with him, this makes life hell. Granted, they know they are working with a genius and that film will go on to make trillions, but that matters little when you have just worked an 120 hour work week and have gotten about three hours of sleep in the last month. In that moment, you are not thinking about how well the movie will do or about how all your effort will be worth it. You simply think about revenge. About doing whatever you can to help punish those who have punished you.  That, my friends, is what this story is about.

A genius can be a genius, but if they suck to work with, they are a monster, too. Genius and monster often live side-by-side in people like that. The problem is, people like that do not think about how that attitude affects those around them. They just care about the end result. Maybe it is in his nature to push himself to the limit, but that might not be what the people next to him are used to doing. We all know what happens when people get into extreme situations they are not prepared for. Extreme things.



Flash forward a bit to the set of Titanic. The cast and crew are all gathered together for a seafood dinner. Of course it is a seafood dinner because they are working on Titanic and that just seems pretentious enough to make sense. Thing is, there is someone in this room who is real sick of James Cameron’s shit. He (or she) is sick of long days. They are sick of being yelled at over simple shit. They are sick of working for a guy who acts like a total megalomaniac, and having nothing to show for it. They are sick of the f*cking ship, and they are sick of everyone on it. Hell, apparently, even the thought of being fed seafood by this guy is filling them with more rage then they can contain. So much, in fact, that they decided tonight is “the” night. They had to have planned ahead for the moment because no one just HAS PCP on them. It is not like weed or even coke. This is PCP. This is angel dust. This is a drug people take and pretty much always lose their minds. They hallucinate, they sweat and freak and scream and think walls are melting. Trust me, I speak from experience. I think you can see where this is going.

Yeah, it’s really like that.

So a disgruntled staff member who worked on Titanic somehow manages to put PCP into the lobster chowder being served. This, alone, is beyond insane. Keep in mind, this is one hundred percent true. Thing is, this is where the story really intrigues me. I know people where “bugging out” and getting sick and what not. Enough that someone called the paramedics and people from the dinner were rushed to the hospital. No, no one died. But the time I am most curious about is the time between the chowder being ingested and the medics showing up. Like, were there people who didn’t eat the chowder, looking around and bugging out because people were starting to act insane? I know PCP brings on huge hallucinations, so were people bugging out, thinking other people were monsters? Listen, there are only a handful of things in life I wish I was a fly on the wall for, and the PCP kicking in during the on-set Titanic dinner is one of those moments. I bet someone got stabbed with a fork. Seriously, I bet that happened. Shit must have gotten insane.

the berry

That is a damn good reason to poison someone with PCP, if you ask me.

Eventually, medics came and took people to the hospital and everything got figured out. But seriously imagine the time before they showed? Imagine how insane that small window of time must have been? Also, I have heard of putting out pot brownies to screw unsuspecting people up, but PCP?!!! That is not just a prank, that is some evil shit. Still, though. I would have loved to look over and be like: Hey, is Roger over there turning into an Orc? That is one for the record books. I do not encourage any such acts, because that is vile. Nor am I commending the act, because it is honestly vile. I am simply telling you the story of the time a disgruntled employee of James Cameron dosed the entire crew of Titanic with PCP. I don’t have to agree with it to still be aware it is an amazing “behind the scenes” story to tell.


James, you look different tonight. I think it is the lighting. Or the PCP.

Couple funny side notes. They never found the culprit who did it. The best part, though, is that the press was super quick to point out that none of the celebrities associated with the movie ate the chowder or got poisoned. Listen, I am not detective, but they usually question the people who did not partake in whatever brought malaise. Could it be that Leo or Kate were so sick of Cameron’s bullshit, they used their connections to acquire some Angel Dust and bring the hammer of God down? Or maybe they just ate in first class and made all the crew eat in the lower deck, so it didn’t affect them. Oh man, that is awful. Either way, we will never know. What we do know is someone spiked the film crew of the Titanic movie with PCP to get back at James Cameron, and as f*cked up as that is, that is about as twisted and memorable as behind-the-scenes stories get.

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