These are the types of videos you need to watch while you have a cutting board of onions under your nose, so when people walk in, and you can just cut the onions and no one will know you are crying real, actual tears from being moved so intensely by these videos. I, for one, have no qualms if you like to keep the fact that things move you to tears to yourself. That can be a very sacred moment. Having that out-of-the-way, if videos like this DON’T move you, that is what would worry me. If you are capable of seeing a moment this miraculous, and being lucky enough to have someone share that moment with you, and THAT doesn’t move you, than you’re so numb I would worry about you. For the rest of us, videos like this remind us that miracles happen every day, we just sometimes lose sight of it or forget where to look. Here, let me remind us all of that for a second.

Little Jonathan Hears His Mom For The First Time

Little Jonathan’s joy from hearing his Mom for the first time makes my soul smile.

To really understand how powerful this is, I want you take a pair of noise-reducing headphones and put them on. I want you to leave them on for an entire day. I know NO ONE will do this. But let me tell you how absolute silence is. It is deafening. I am not using that word for shock or cheap wordplay, it truly is deafening. Silence has a sound all its own. It’s the sound of your mind thinking, and nothing else. So to truly understand the reactions on these videos, you have to imagine that. That loud silence, all the time.

You see, even if you did it for a day, the MINUTE you took those off, the sounds of the world would merge like a symphony in your ears. So understand that, when you see these vids. And no video is that joy expressed more vividly and without words, than in little Jonathan.

The smile that spreads across his face is a real wonder to behold.

Honestly, how often do you experience miracles? Because these are Science-induced miracles. And I consider myself incredibly lucky to even get to see these moments.

Cooper Hears His Mom Say His Name

He is a bit nervous at first, then in shock, then the joy hits him.

Being a tad bit older than the baby in our last video, Cooper had been deaf since birth, and so his reaction to the sounds he first hears makes perfect sense. He points at his ears and looks to his Mom, as if to say: Um…What is going on here??? His Mom reassured him, and you can see the realization begin to creep over his face. He KNOWS this is miraculous. He has been stuck in silence SO LONG, he already know that sound, especially that of his Mother saying his name, is nothing short of symphonic. This is the kind of video that makes your soul so happy, you almost feel like you know the people. Amazing to behold, truly.

Sarah Churman Sheds Tears Of Joy When Hearing Herself For First Time at 29 Years Old

How can this stuff NOT move you?

I know the baby videos are extra cute and powerful, but what you need to think is, those kids had their hearing saved so young. What if you had lived an entire life in silence? What if you were an adult already, and never thought you would have a chance to hear music or laughter ever in your life? How you would react? In some ways, I feel like I find Sloan Churman’s story just as breathtaking as she does, though I know I have no idea. At this point you are used to seeing the adorable infants, but how do you feel about seeing a grown woman, covered in (stunning) ink work, reacting? I will tell you, it is just as powerful, if not more so.

There has been speculation whether or not this video is real, but that speculation has been purely by classless assholes.

She shares a YouTube page with her husband, which is over here .Pop over and show some love. And for the n0n-believers, she ended up going on Ellen and proving herself to not only be real, but to be sweet and humble, too, so take that!

Um, can I please be best friends with you two?

Nikki Hears, And We All Weep With Her

you can actually SEE the shock on her face around the thirty-four second mark.

Just judging from my reaction to these people’s reactions, I know I would weep like a small child if I were them, so the flood of genuine emotions of it all is definitely justified on their parts.

I would hope even the most cynical and jaded of us can derive true joy from witnessing something like this.

People like to throw out the “science versus God” argument often. And if that is something they choose to debate about, so bet it. But so far, I have seen science give people back their site and hearing and give them mobility, so as much as these are miraculous, I think we all need to recognize, if they are acts of God, than science IS God.

Don’t let that last sentence turn you off. Read on, this last one is too powerful to ignore.

Man Who Is All But Dead Inside Comes Alive Again When Hearing His Favorite Song

If you EVER question the power of what music is and what it can do, just watch Henry.

I know, he is not HEARING for the first time, but you watch this video and tell me otherwise. Because in many ways, he is. And it saves his soul.

I won’t tell you this video of Henry is from something called Alive Inside, because I know that it was actually something BEFORE that, and there is some red tape stuff going on regarding that subject, but none of that stuff is important either. What is important here is that Henry, the man in this video, shows us two things, clear as day.

He shows us that the older we get, the more we forget the stuff that makes us happy, and the more numb we get as a result of that. Above that, though, he shows us, through the power of music, that ANY OF US can be saved at any point. Just watch this man’s range of emotions he runs, from the first time you see him, to the very last. It could only be compared to a dead man being brought back to life.

There have been very few times in my life when something was so powerful, it moved me to tears. But seeing how excited and ALIVE Henry  became was one of those moments.

Doesn’t that video tell us everything, without having to say a single thing?

That moment in Henry’s eyes when he FEELS the notes, seeping back into his being. Though he is not deaf, my list does not have deaf in the title. It has deaf as an unspoken theme. But even then, isn’t the theme really rebirth, here? Miracles and rebirth around us everyday? And who symbolizes that better than Henry? To me, very few.

One minute, he almost looks like he simply waiting for death, an empty vessel. And the next, once a few notes of his favorite song are played for him, his eyes are as wide a school child seeing a ghost. And that’s because he DOES see a ghost, the ghost of himself, from days gone by. You can FEEL him come back to life, his energy turning electric again. And if it is not one of the most beautiful things you have ever seen, than maybe you need to put on some headphones of your own and wake up your soul.

Though it may look like he is dying, rest assured, that is a photo of someone coming back to life.

In the most beautiful way possible.