If you have read the Game of Thrones books, you know what is going to happen next season on that show. There is no arguing that, you just know. The show will not deviate from what is written in the books. But the Walking Dead seems to have an entirely different approach to how it tells its story. Rather than follow the time lines or plot lines in the comic, they seem to be telling the same story, but doing it quite differently. For someone like me, who has read every issue now (issue 100 just dropped and had some unforgivably disturbing moments of awesome) the show is still new and fresh, but that doesn’t mean that it deviates entirely from the comics. Here are five potential plot points that COULD happen in season 3, based around the new characters and settings that were introduced in the end of season 2. Understand, this is all speculation. These are not show spoilers, simply because none of these are set in stone. Might be some spoilers for people who intend to read the comic, so read forth at your own risk.

Michonne Redefines The Alpha-Female

It may have been the most accurate character introduction the show yet, outside of Rick in episode one.

The very last moment at the end of season 2 was a shriek moment for fans of the comic. That character introduction of Michonne was, note for note, what it was in the comic. She walks into view, with two walkers on leashes, while carrying a katana. Not only is it one of the greatest comic book covers ever, brought to life perfectly, but it indicated the show knew what it was doing, and was not omitting this unbelievable and essential character from the story. I won’t ruin too much about Michonne for you guys, but I will tell you, she really is the alpha-female redefined. And some of the things she is put through are, to put it delicately, soul-shattering. Which leads us to our next plot point.

The Governor Will Be In It, and Will Most Likely Be Very Disturbing

They dialed back the obvious creepiness of the character for the show, which makes him even more menacing, somehow.

Never in my life have I cringed like I cringed when I read the Governor plot line in the Walking Dead comic. This is one of the most vile, despicable people ever committed to print. Again, I will not tell you too much, because the slow-burn build is intense, and I know they will most-likely stretch that tension out and maximize it for the show. But the Governor is INDEED in the trailer for the new season. Granted, he looks decidedly less like a biker than he does in the comic, but I can understand that choice. He LOOKED like a bad guy in the comic. On the show, he looks far more civilized. And as Hannibal Lecter has proven to pop culture, the calm, well-spoken madman is the scariest of all. I am just curious to see how far down the rabbit hole with this character they are willing to go, because he does things that wouldn’t be OK in an R-rated movie, so I don’t know how they will convey that in a network television show. But time will tell. Just the fact that the Governor is on the show bodes very well for this season. Which leads to point three.

The Governor’s “Little Girl”

Still not sure how this one will play itself out, but safe to say this COULD happen.

Does that sound disturbing? It should, because it is. I put a particular moment between these two on my “Most Shocking Moments in Comics” list for Unreality, and with good reason. I shall not divulge any more than I have said already, but I will tell you, I have a feeling the “little girl” is going to be on the show. The envelope for what is allowed on TV was pushed very far by American Horror last season on FX, but expect this storyline to push TV even further. Nothing I say will prepare you. So be prepared to be unprepared even though I am preparing you. Wow, writing that sentence just gave me a bloody nose.

The Prison Setting

The things that happen within these prison walls will change the story forever.

This was another shriek moment for fans of the comic. When the group when to the CDC at the end of season one, I, along with a good-deal of other grass-roots fans, were very much confused. That was not a plot-line from the comic at all, and seemed an odd detour to take when there were so many great locations from the comic. But seeing them on that hill, looking down at that prison in the season 3 trailer, I got chills. You really think they are going to be the only ones in there? And do you know what kind of people inhabit a prison? Bad ones, for the most part. There was a moment in the prison plot line that caused me to pick up this book in the first place. What happens to the twins. But guess what? There are no twins yet (or maybe at all) in the TV series, so I know that moment won’t happen (gurgle, gurgle). But including the prison (and the Governor) tell me this season is going to be wonderfully disturbing. This is when we start to see the real theme of this comic shine through. The humans are the real monsters in this wasteland. Which of course, leads us to….

Don’t Get Too Attached To Anyone

Don’t look too closely at this cover unless you want some huge spoilers.

If you think Game of Thrones is known for killing off characters you grow to love, you know nothing about what’s in store for you with The Walking Dead. This is one comic in my long line of reading comics, where I read moments so shocking to me, I would literally drop the comic in shock. Like some stupid, slow-motion moment from a bad film. But you all need to know, that is what this show (and comic) does. Another point of The Walking Dead world is don’t grow too attached to anyone, because someone you love WILL go down. And they will go down in ways far more brutal and dehumanizing then you would have ever thought. Being bitten by a zombie? Ha, that’s an easy way out comparably.

No, seriously. Believe this poster!

Like I said, the “walkers” pose less and less of a threat, and the deeper you go into The Walking Dead, the more you realize it is not a zombie story at all. It is a story about survival. And to what depths of depravity people are willing to go to ensure that survival. Buck up, folks. Season three is set to blow some minds, literally and figuratively.

Her dancing with the stars number was not very well received.