peace yo

So begins the influx of people posting their bucket lists to their Facebook pages. We all laugh and joke about the end of the world, but there are people who honestly believe that, in two days, on December 21st of this year, some Mayan prophecy is going to come true, and we are all going to be wiped out in some cataclysmic catastrophe that none of us are properly prepared for. While I can tell you that the Mayans did not include leap year, and other such stupid human practices, in their calendars, so in terms of THEIR December 21st, we have already passed it. But, we can humor this thought for a few moments regardless. If you knew it was all going to end in a few days, what would you do differently? Would you do the things you always wanted to do, but were too afraid? My real question here is, why not do those things anyway? You need to threat of death to make it so you truly live? How does that make any sense?

If you ask me, the December 21st thing was just a ballpark figure, put out by the Mayans, somehow, to account for when the world would finally go to shit. I would say the shooting at Sandy Hook pretty much set in stone the belief that, as a world, we are already lost.  We don’t need a giant, movie-like tornado to rip the Country in half to tell us that. The tornado has already swept through, and it was called “tragedy”. Nothing can happen on December 21st that is any worse than what happened on December 14th. But, people will talk up December 21st regardless of that fact. So again, let’s humor that Mayan prophecy for a second, shall we?

Even a terrible Photoshop job can not save you from fate, sir.

Even a terrible Photoshop job can not save you from fate, sir.

So let’s assume, for the sake of this article, that something terrible will befall us all on December 21st. Fireballs, or Jean Grey as the phoenix rising or some shit. People who are thinking about that are suddenly met with the urge to tell other people how they “always wanted to skydive.” Okay, I wanted to skydive, too. So you know what I did? I went, and took a jump course with some friends, signed a waiver, and then jumped out of a plane. I didn’t do this because I thought the world was going to end. I did this because I always WANTED to skydive. What I don’t understand is the logic that, now that the world is (potentially) ending, people are suddenly willing to do something they always wanted to do, but inexplicably never did. Sometimes I think I might be a robot, because that is how little I understand some human beings.

Now that we may die, I feel like the "we may die" thing is way more in context.

Now that we may die, I feel like the “we may die” thing is way more in context.

Alright, let me give you another, more proactive example. Email one of your friends right now and ask them how they would spend tomorrow if the world was actually ending on Friday. I can tell you that most answers to this question are eerily similar. They say stuff like:

I would spend time with my (family/child/significant other). I would do atleast one thing that I wanted to, but was always scared of. I would tell a few people exactly how I feel about them (be it good or bad) and I would eat (insert one sinfully delicious meal here). Maybe have some sex, and then call it a life.

That really is what you would get as an answer from most people, with some subtle changes here and there. But look at that list? There is NOTHING on there that you couldn’t do today. Nothing. For the few people who say shit like: Fight a bear. Okay, you win. That is extreme, and some ideal last day living, but most people don’t answer like that. Most of us are nostalgic and genuine in our answers. So let’s play a game, starting today, shall we? Not to quote a country song or anything, but why don’t we live like we ARE dying? Why, as humans, are we So afraid to do and say the things we really want to? I don’t have an answer, I am genuinely asking you. Hell, I am asking me, too.

This kitten always wanted to be a DJ, and didn't wait for the end of the world to do it. Be. Like. DJ. Whiskers.

You see DJ Whiskers in that photo right there. Yeah, he always wanted to be a DJ, so you know what he did? He went and became a DJ. He didn’t wait for the end of the world as the precursor for him to pursue something he genuinely wanted. In that sense, don’t you think we could all learn a life lesson from DJ Whiskers? Be. Like. DJ. Whiskers.

I will shoot another example at you. We all have that one person we knew, who we were interacting with one minute, and then, as the result of some tragedy, they were gone the next. And we tend to all say the same thing in those instances. I really wish I had told so and so how I felt about them. I wish they knew how important they were to me, but I neglected to tell them. Do you see where I am going with this article now? We don’t need death, or tragedies, or the end of the fucking world, as the moments in our lives that make us wish we lived differently. No, we can live differently right now, and from every day onward.

The idea is that, if this really WAS the end of the world, if you lived the way you wanted, which, let’s be honest, none of us do, you would look up as the sky turned gray and everything turned to ash around you, and you would grin and say aloud: Yup, I have no regrets. And that’s the idea. Starting today, you can do that. If the world ends Friday, or it doesn’t end Friday, don’t you still think you should be doing something Thursday that you have always wanted to do? And how about every Thursday, for the rest of your life? Take chances, try really living for once. Trust me, I am not condemning anyone. I am saying this as much to myself as any of you.

Kitten party, yo!

Kitten party, yo!

The world won’t end Friday, but if you lived every day like you were dying anyway, it wouldn’t matter to you if it did. Live big, and do the things you always dream of doing. Life is short, and tragedies never show up when expected. And if you live your life to the fullest, when they do show up, you will have jumped out of enough proverbial planes that it would take a lot more than a tragedy to derail you. It would take something massive, like the end of the world.

Oh, and happy December 21st.

Look Mommy, there's an airplane up in the sky....

Look Mommy, there’s an airplane up in the sky….

Just seems fitting, for some odd reason.