Is there a funnier comedian than Louis CK right now?

I am a huge fan of the late Mitch Hedberg, but outside of a few legends, CK is owning the comedy scene right now.

He has the wit of George Carlin, the balls of Bill Hicks, and a voice all his own.

He is the comedian who says what we are all thinking, but says it way cooler and funnier than any of us could.

Take for example, his personal stance on smoking pot.

The hilarity lies in just how right he is.

Anyone who smokes or has smoked in the last five years knows just how spot on he is here about herb.

The best comedians are the ones who step up and say whatever the fuck they please, with no concern about how others will view them for it.

In comedy, nothing should be sacred, nothing should be safe.

Just listen to his thought about being white. Would anyone else have the balls to say that so concisely?

With Louis CK, nothing’s sacred, and he doesn’t care what you think about it, either way.

That is what is so genius about him.

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