Ok, this dude gets points for how sick this car is that he picked me up in.
But right away, I could see this guy had SERIOUS parent issues.
Took me to a restaurant the was his “Dad’s favorite” in Gotham City, the city he grew up in.
But I need to make this very clear, Gotham is NOT a a nice place.
The city had a sort of sad desperation to it, and you could see the hopelessness on everyone’s faces as they walked by.
And when he wasn’t talking about his parent’s or his intended legacy, he would sort of just sit there.
He was very stoic, and seemed emotionally frozen.
Though he spared no expense and the meal itself was amazing, his mind just seemed to be elsewhere.
Plus, he looked at his cellphone WAY too much.
Oddest thing, though. It was shaped like a bat.