Starting early on Friday night, my little mind was already thinking about cartoons the next morning.

Saturday mornings were like the first day of Summer vacation,

yet they happened every weekend.

Beautifully nostalgic, huh?

And the best part was the sense of Independence that came with it.

Knowing I didn’t need my parents to be awake for me to enjoy it,

I just needed a giant bowl of sugary cereal ( like salad bowl style)

and some comfy PJ’s.

With those elements in place, I could plant my ass down in front of the TV for like 6 hours.

But, the subconscious programming of my tender mind had already begun.

Gotta love the merchandising!

Every single toy commercial came that came on FULLY convinced me I NEEDED that toy.

A ball that you can squeeze and slime comes out?

Yes please.

A new Gi Joe vehicle that looks like a flying glass pod?

Yes please.

And don’t even bring up those cheesy old nintendo commercials.

Those things would whip me in to a frenzy.

I still remember the LEGEND OF ZELDA commercial with the nerdy white kids rapping,

and somehow,

that ad sold me.

That is how a young mind works.

Feed me spoons full of sugar,

and force feed me commercialism until I cannot tell what free will is.

As much as I was a sugar-fed-sheep in those days,

I wake up every Saturday morning as an adult,

and miss those old days so badly, I ache.

Adulthood sucks. You work too hard and yawn too much.

I will take a poorly drawn 30 minutes of TV and a bowl of sugary cereal over an eighteen hour work day anytime.

But that is the beauty of childhood:

When you are in it, you don’t want it.

And once you are out of it, all you want is it back.