A year ago, no one knew I existed. Well, I am pretty sure my parents had an inkling, but few others. And here I am, a million hits on this site as of yesterday, and I am just in shock. I mean, I write about fingering contests, and drug use, and movies where guys stab other guys in the eye sockets with their boners, so the fact that, within seven months of this site launching,  a million people have visited it, is just unfathomable to me. But I really wanted to take a second to say thank you to the readers.  The Remlins. All you people who were kind enough to spend some of your free time here. You could have spent it anywhere, but you spent it here, and for that, I will now hug you. Did you feel that? That was me hugging you. Intense, huh?

So how do you properly thank someone you can’t actually stand in front of and thank? I wish I knew how to answer that. I mean, I could give you a thank you picture:

But giving you an epic picture just doesn’t feel like enough to me.

I could find you an awesome video, and use that as a way to say thank you.

And while it may be epic, that still doesn’t feel epic enough.

Ah, how about another steaming batch of bacon pancakes, this time with a little Jay Z thrown in?

Nah, I’ve done that one to death, fair enough.

What if I give you guys a link to play some classic Arcade Games you love, that’d be fresh, right?

Well, I say how about all of the above?  Plus, an IOU for a hug? Is that cool? Here, print this out and you can hand it to me when you see me and I will act on it, I promise.

THAT is how thankful I am to all of you.

Just so you know, it will be one of those creepy, lingering hugs. Because that is how I say thank you.