I like my horror like I like my uzi fire: in short bursts.

So for that reason, I have been combing Youtube for years, trying to find incredibly creepy short films to sate my need.

For the most part, I have had to work my way through heaps of coal to find the few diamonds. But I found them.

Some are creepy because they effectively play off of our most innate fears.

Some are creepy because they are spins in old urban legends we have heard time and time again.

And some are just inexplicably creepy.

And the best part? They are all free.


This film manages to be scarier in two and a half minutes than most full length movies.

It tells a relatively simple story of a woman recieving a rather unexpected call late one night.

Besides the last frame of the film, which is a bit silly, this film is pitch perfect and sits with you long after you see it.

Or should I say, lays with you?

By the way, the film comes from a website called Fewdio.com, and the website is filled with wonderfully creepy short films, so if you likes this, pop on over to their site and show them some love. Fewdio.com

Red Lines

Man, if there is one thing we hate more than staying after school, it is staying after school in a haunted school.

This film is more of a slow build than Bedfellows, but the payoff is just as creepy.

Plus, this movie stars Doug Bradley, who, as you all should know, played Pinhead in the Hellraiser series.

That immediately gives this short film some horror movie cred.

The director if this film, Frazer Lee, has directed some full length horror as well, so pop over to his site right here and check them out.

The Black Hole

Not all of these films are going to be scary in the jump sense.

Some of them, like this one, are more creepy if you think about them and then imagine being in the situation that the lead is in the film.

In this case, it almost seems like what he has discovered is a good thing that will only benefit him.

But ofcourse, like all good morality tales, his greed gets in the way and, well, I will let you see for yourself.

See, you didn’t think it was going to end like that, did you?

Either did I the first time, and the concept terrified me.


Honestly, I don’t even want to say a thing about Inside for fear of ruining its genius.

I spent a good chunk of my life working with people who had personality disorders, and maybe that is why this resonates so deep with me.

And honestly, this short works in part because Jeremy Sisto is a great actor and tends to seem more at home in bleak films than he does in anything else.

For proof of that go see the brilliant movie MAY right now.

Or, just watch this:

And if you liked the movie, head on over to the original site and give the movie a like right here.


And while a good deal of the films on this list tend to save their big scares for the end, Mama is just filled with them.

I got this short emailed to me from some friends about a year or so ago, and to be honest, I still am mad at them.

I am mad at them because this is three minutes of not creepy, but in my honest opinion, straight up scary.

People say Paranormal Activity and I laugh.

People talk about Insidious and I chortle.

And then I show them this:

And much like me when I saw it, they just sit there, admittedly freaked out.

While the ending may be a bit predictable and cheesy, the shot of the Mom, with her weird, flowing locks, speeding down the hall makes me weep in terror.

Ok, now go to sleep.

And no, there are no monsters under your bed.

Speaking of which, here is one final honorable mention:

Night night, kids.