Kim Pak is heading in to work for the day as a nurse at a Hospital in North Korea.

She gets in the elevator and hits the 14th floor button, just as she sees her boss rushing to get the door.

She holds it open as he reaches it and he half steps in, and without warning the door closes.

Thing is, it closes on his head and hands.

He begins to scream.

This photo has an elevator and a troubled man, so it was the closest I could come.










Now normally, an elevator door has a sensor, but anything with a long enough shelf life will eventually break down at some point,

convenience be damned.

And wouldn’t you know it, that’s what happened there, in that elevator, on that fateful day.

Eerily, it could happen to any of us any time we use an elevator, but it happens to Kim Pak’s boss.

The sensor breaks.

And no one knows why or how.

Now Kim is frantic and panic-stricken, because her boss is screaming because the door has clamped his head and his hands NSIDE the elevator.

He is begging to be saved, and she is pushing the STOP button and the OPEN THE DOOR button but nothing is happening.

They are both hysterical at this point.

They are screaming., and it has attracted the attention of more people at the hospital, who have gathered outside the door and are trying to help in any way they can.

And suddenly, without warning, the elevator begins to go up.

Kim Pak falls backward and lands on her ass with a heavy THUD.

And her boss is looking her dead in the eyes, and for some odd reason, she can’t look away.

she is looking him straight in the eyes.

Now you would think what happens next isn’t possible, but the thing is, it happened.

The elevator reaches the break between floors,

and instead of stopping, it pushes and pushes,

until the elevator door decapitates her boss,

causing his body to fall outside the elevator,

and his head and hands TO FALL INSIDE THE ELEVATOR,

with Kim Pak, where she remains trapped with the severed head of her boss for THREE HOURS.

Take that in for a second.

I mean REALLY think it over.

Yes, it is kind of like that, but with the blood on the inside.


Being trapped in an elevator with the severed head of your boss in insane to try to grasp.

Some people hate their bosses, but who would would want to sit in an elevator with the severed head of their boss for hours?

A three hour span that must have felt like 5 lifetimes.

Three hours that must have felt like a horror movie, stuck on pause.

Three hours as his dead eyes flicker, blood gushing from his severed arteries.

By the time they pried opened the doors of the elevator, the woman would not respond.

She had basically snapped. Lost her mind.

Sitting inside the elevator, pale and frozen, with the head of her boss, eyes open and affixed on  her. His dead eyes staring her in the eyes, the whole time.

Now no one but Kim Pak can know what happened inside that elevator for three hours, but his open eyes must have assured she never slept again..

Thing is, we will never know.

What we do know as a result of this, though, is *elevators are f*cking evil.

Ima stick to the stairs from now on, thank you very much.

If this was a late-night talk show, and I had to monlogue a joke about this, I would fix my tie and say:

“There is one kinda head I want to get in an elevator, and that is not it!” But I will refrain from making that terrible joke.

And for the non-believers, this is, by no means, the only true story of elevator decapitations.

It happens WAY more than any of us would like to admit.