Listen, whether or not you know it, your Pineal gland has become sort of “blocked” over time. While you may not know what that is first hand, the layman’s term is “third eye”. While normally, the third eye is what we use to monitor our instincts and intuition, as well as getting ourselves in sync with the natural circadian rhythms of life, sometimes it can get blocked by the various dramas floating around you at all times. Things like how much you work and how little you stop to enjoy life can all factor in to the blockage of the Pineal gland. Hell, even the constant barrage of blah blah blah from mass media and pop culture can numb it over time. But relax, there are a ton of people who know just what you can do to unblock it. It is called trapanning, and when you hear what it involves, it will blow your mind. Oh wait, my title already ruined that surprise, huh? Well, trust me, this shit is still insane enough that you need to read this.


Oh Manga, what will you satirize next?

It started way back as a form of medicine. Doctors would drill or scrape a hole at the front or top of the human skull, exposing the dura mater that surrounds the brain. Yes, I am talking about how humans used to drill holes or get holes drilled into their skulls to help cure ailments. The technical reason is to increase the volume of the blood to the brain, but they didn’t think about it like that so much back then. They just thought it would help release demons and dumb sit like that. The weird part is, the people who got it done, swore by it. It is said to increase energy and achieve a stronger level of consciousness (think a lighter version of being on something like LSD as an example).  The odd part is, they have been finding skulls with trepanning scars from as old as 6500 B.C. Well, we all know old methods of medicine were often times brutal and insane. No shock there. The big shock comes from the gaggle of people in our own modern society who have chosen to undergo this procedure currently. Yes, people are still doing trepanning. Oh, and there are a shit-ton that are doing it to themselves.

No, I am not kidding.


A hole in the skull and an almost full set of teeth. I bet he was royalty.

I first discovered that trepanning was still a “thing” whilst looking for a documentary to watch late one night, many years ago. I found a film called A Hole in the Head. It sounded very intriguing to me, so I sat and watched it. All I could say is, ninety minutes later, I was picking part of my blown mind off the floor. Here, allow me to show you a trailer.

Just a quick warning. This shit gets pretty gnarly.

Yes, you just saw that. Grown men and women, adults, talking about the time they drilled a fucking hole in their skull. Hell, at one point in the movie, a woman does the surgery to herself and films it. That is what the lead in pic from this article is from. Yes, as far as “fucked up shit I never thought I would see”, I place someone drilling a hole in their own skull while conscious to be one of those things. Yet, as I sit here now and feverishly type on the keyboard, I can tell you, I have seen it. The craziest part in all of this I think is the fact that all the people who do or have done it actually seem quite sane and grounded. You are expecting some frothing idiot ramming a drill into his or her brain, but that is not what you get.

Instead, you get rational adults who make rational conclusions about what they did. The weirdest part being that they actually do seem calmer and more mellow after the surgery. I don’t even mean an hour or two after. I mean days, months, weeks after. Wait, what the Hell? I know, I told you this shit was insane. Insane and intriguing, to be honest.


See, it is obviously a lot more common than any of us knew.

Wow is all you can really say. I know, because “wow” is exactly how I feel about it. It may intrigue me, but would never intrigue me enough to drill an actual hole in my skull. First and foremost, let me get this out-of-the-way? How is it that these people have not mistakenly drilled into their own brain and killed themselves? I think trepanning, I imagine horror movies and splattered brains and gore. Hell, I imagine this:

PI Spoiler.

But, the reality is, they come out of it normal. The skin on their heads grows back, covering the hole they just drilled into their own skulls. One of the gentleman they interview (you see this clip in the trailer) says if acid is 100 on the highness scale, and hash was 50, the result of trepanning is a constant 30. You achieve a higher level of permanent consciousness. You just need to DRILL A FUCKING HOLE INTO YOUR OWN SKULL TO GET THERE!

But back to the reason we are all here. What.The.Fuck. Even a guy like me who can openly admit I know there are higher levels of consciousness out there and we only use perpetuate a tiny percentage of what our brains can do, even I am blown away by the very idea of being capable of drilling a hole into your own skull. I don’t even know if I could drill a hole in to the skull of one of my enemies. But I am supposed to tape off my head, stand on some plastic, use some ice and some anesthetic, and drill a hole into my own brain? My brain and I cannot even begin to understand this. Intrigued, yes. Insane enough to try it? Never.


Yes, this is an actual tool that was used for trepanning. Ouch much?

So this brings us to our next point, and the question I get asked the most by my own brain in the middle of writing articles. Why even bring it up? Well, that’s easy. Because I love shining lights on aspects of life some people may not have otherwise known about. Mind blowing shit that either happened a long time ago, or is happening right now, all around them, and they may not even know about it.

So the next time you are out with friends or maybe having a drink with some associates, bring it up. Mention the insanity that is trepanning, and when they question you or call you a liar, you just point them here. Not only will you be seen as infinitely more interesting as a result, but I will get another hit on my website.

So, in essence, everyone wins.


Remember, if it is weird and seems like it shouldn’t exist but does, you probably heard it from