There are no words for how much this movie messed me up when I was a kid. And honestly, I loved every second of it. This movie takes that “don’t pick up hitchhikers” urban legend and takes it further than you could have dared imagine it. On top of that, it stars Rutger Hauer. And Rutget Hauer was the f*cking man.

The Hitcher was one of those over-the-top eighties horror films that just kicked my ass and stayed with me ever since. Yeah, I know they rebooted it with the brilliant Sean Bean in the Rutger Hauer role, and it was actually pretty damn awesome. But even then, it could not touch the awesomeness the first conveyed without even trying.

All I need to say is “the truck stop scene”. That scene never left my mind.

Just the mounting tension in that first scene, right after he gets picked up, makes watching this movie well worth it.

I feel like this movie needs to be shown to every sixteen year old the day they get their license to scare them out of ever picking up hitchhiker. I say this because everytime I see one now, I naturally assume they are going to turn my world inside out, like this guy does in the worst possible ways.

On top of that, I knew a kid who picked up a hitchhiker and then got tied to a tree and had his throat slashed (this happened just outside of Plymouth,Ma in the late nineties) so those elements have pretty much ensured my whole driving career has been hitchhiker free.


He may be a “Hobo With a Shotgun” to you, but to me, he will always be Roy Batty from Blade Runner and The Hitcher. 

Rutget Haurer was EASILY the best bad-guy actor in the 80’s, without a doubt.

And this movie just reminded me of that.