More so than any other movie I have ever ran on this site, I NEED you guys to watch this film, Triangle. Why? Because it is an amazing mindf*ck of a movie, and I need some people to talk about theories on the film with me. You see, this movie is like a horror version of Donnie Darko. It is a might bit confusing once you first see it and try figure out what is going on, and it may switch up on you a few times, too. But overall, the movie is far more awesome than anyone gives it credit for. Trust me, watch it and comment. Let’s share some TRIANGLE theories.

You watch this film and see a hooded mask and a killer on a boat and you think this might suck. But you need to trust me on this one. It’s badass, or it wouldn’t be here.

Whatever kind of movie you may mistake Triangle for when you first start watching it, rest assured. It is NOT that movie. When people ask me what the one lesser known movie I recommend to horror fans is, I tell them Triangle. I tell them Triangle because it is bold and different. I tell the, Triangle because it is twisted and incredibly well written. I tell them Triangle because even the most jaded horror fan will be surprised by this movie.

Just trust me….

This movie buys your mind a drink and some dinner and then f*cks the sh*t out of it.

And by the way, be grateful the film is posted here. Because if you are anything like me, you will want to watch this movie again the second it ends it an attempt to make more sense of what you saw.

And it does help.

After multiple viewings,Triangle tends to make way more sense and be way more enjoyable (because you understand what is going on), but that first viewing is full of so many genuine WTF moments that it just keeps your eyes glued to the screen.

So sit down and enjoy the ride.

Or just go back in time and change it. As you will see with this film, that choice is completely up to you.


Actress Melissa George pretty much owns this film in every way. Amazing performance on many levels.